Group Lloyd was founded in 1956 by George Lloyd. We're now celebrating over 60 years in the business.

The company is a major global player in the international motorcycle helmet and motorcycle clothing market. Group Lloyd has achieved it’s phenomenal expansion through providing quality products which represent excellent value for money, allied with the support and service infrastructure usually associated with goods costing much more.


One of the most highly regarded businesses and wholesalers in the motorcycle industry it is unique in only selling brands that are exclusively owned by Group Lloyd for greater brand control and fast-paced market response. As a brand owner, developer, manufacturer and distributor of motorcycle products, the company is confident in its knowledge of the market-place and ability to design and produce the highest technologically driven quality products.


With 60 years experience in the business, the family-run Group Lloyd does not only trust in it’s past experience and success, it further invests in new technologies and design methods in order to stay at the top of its game. With huge margins and flexible trading terms, along with increased stock levels, Group Lloyd goes from strength to strength.



Group Lloyd encompasses several major brands.

These include three exceptionally well recognised motorcycle helmet and motorcycle clothing brands; Nitro, Akito and G-Mac. The brand websites for these three brands can be visited by clicking the links below:

The development, production and distribution of all the brands for our global partners and OEM customers is controlled from the Group Lloyd headquarters offices in Monaco & our English Lake District offices in the UK. Working alongside our production partners across the world, Group Lloyd continues to be at the cutting edge of the motorcycle market in terms of innovation, construction techniques and materials.

Nitro - The Technical Advantage.


Nitro started with just three simple helmet models, two Full Face helmets and one MX, and now has rapidly expanded to offer over 50 shells in Full Face, MX, Open Face and Flip-Up helmets in polycarbonate, fibreglass and carbon fibre composite. These shells translate into well over 150 designs in the Nitro range and a further 200 plus models throughout the other key brands.



Nitro continues to be at the forefront of the motorcycle helmet and clothing industry, with premium-quality products at the most affordable prices. Nitro constantly receives outstanding reviews and product testing results, paving the way for fantastic future additions to the ranges. The growth of these ranges extends beyond those of rival brands, with more new shells, exciting designs and innovative technology and features further enhancing the ‘The Art of Protection’ campaign.



Nitro - We don’t just make award winning helmets - look out for the Nitro clothing, boot and glove collections which complement the dynamic helmet range, with pioneering design features and a parallel pricing structure offering the ultimate head-to-toe package from the ultimate brand. A range of motorcycle clothing offering high end aesthetics, fit and safety specifications, while upholding the Nitro value philosophy. Established in 2001 and rising rapidly to become a global leader in the motorcycle helmet industry.



The Nitro clothing range represents a new way forward and new thinking from Nitro, every detail of every item has been carefully thought out. From materials and construction to sizing and fit. The armour has been specifically chosen for its performance, every zip, strap and popper evaluated. The result of all this attention to detail is a range of clothing which is reliable, functional and stylish.

Akito, the original value brand.

Akito is one of the most classically famous names in the motorcycle clothing and accessories industry and is still leading the way in style, functionality and value. The Akito clothing range has, quite rightly, earned fantastic reviews, outperforming clothing often costing twice as much. It continues to raise the bar and set new standards, offering the very best in all round rider protection. Akito, the original value brand.

G-Mac Helmets & Motorcycle Clothing.

Offering exceptional value, the range of helmets and clothing from G-Mac provides unparalleled choice and value. Both G-Mac helmets and clothing cover every part of the entry-level market, with hugely attractive pricing and substantial margins from the very lowest price point. Backed up by undoubted quality, this range proves to be the first choice in its sector.